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Henan Institute of Economics and Trade, authorized by the People’s Government of Henan Province and registered in the Ministry of Education, is a higher vocational college directly under the administration of the Education Department of Henan Province. Seated in the Longzihu College Park of Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan, a famous, scenic, and rich city historically and culturally in the middle part of China, occupying an area of 843 mu, with a building area of 45,000 square meters, the institute at present consists of ten secondary schools and two teaching divisions, namely School of Finance and Taxation, School of Accounting, School of Business, School of Business Administration, School of Foreign Language and Tourism, School of Information and Electronics, School of Computer Engineering, School of Engineering Economics, School of Design Art, School of International (Further) Educational, Physical Education and Social Sience teaching divisions. In addition, there is one provincial model software technology school and four international programs as well as three applied undergraduate specialties in cooperation with North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power. The total enrollment is more than 21000.

Specializing in business, the college adopts a coordinated development mode among these disciplines, i.e. economics, administration, engineering and arts, and is determined to cultivate high-quality skilled students with strong hands-on capability and good professional ethics. It offers fifty-four major programs in the following categories: finance and business, electronics and information, culture and arts, transportation, civil engineering and water conservancy, tourism, education and sports, public management and service, journalism and communication. Especially, the environmental art design, i.e. soft decoration and pottery, is on the national vocational demonstrative education register of national cultural inheritance and innovation; The specialties of the computer application and the art design have training bases sponsored by the central finance; Accounting computerization, computer application technology, decoration artdesign, e-commerce, application of electronic technology, international economicsand trade, and investment and money management are seven pilot specialties of comprehensive reform in Henan province; Accounting computerization, computer application technology, e-commerce, decoration art design, logistics management, and financial management are six specialties with provincial characteristics; The electronic application technology training base and logistics management training base are provincial demonstrative training bases; the e-commerce specialty has the secondary vocational teacher training base in Henan province; Management Principles, Practical English, Graph and Image Application Technology, Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis, Comprehensive Training of Accounting, Practical Hotel English are six provincial high quality resource sharing courses; The five teaching teams respectively in international trade, accounting computerization, e-commerce, computing application and business English are of provincial level. The college adheres to the “quality-oriented and connotative development” strategy, observes the construction requirements of "relying on the key, running with characteristics,highlighting the advantages, and creating the brand-name", and strives to establish specialty groups of finance and business and aviation economics to serve the regional economy development of Henan province. Centering on the construction projectsof the Henan Quality College Education Program, and emphasizing specialty connotation construction, the college has always been one of the leading higher vocational colleges.

Featuring superior conditions, the college is equipped with fully functional comprehensive teaching buildings, multimedia buildings, lab buildings, the library, lecture halls, terrace classrooms, etc. Modern facilities include the campus network, multimedia teaching network, electronic reading rooms and computer centers. Thirteen highly virtual training centers consist of those of financial accounting, taxation and finance, modern business, logistics management, electric and electronic techniques, computer application, design art, aviation, tourism, journalism and secretarial services, engineering cost management, digital voice, and student innovation and entrepreneurship. Excellent in utilities and design, a best choice for learning, the librarycomprises 1.149 million volumes, and provides full access to China Journal Full-text Database, VIP Database for Chinese Technical Periodicals, China Patent Full-text Database, and others.    

Guided by the employment and driven by the reform, the college has strengthened the skills training, highlighted the characteristics of vocational education, introduced several personnel distribution reform methods like "competitiveemployment, dynamic appointment, low-place elimination, and performance-relatedpay", and "percentile assessment system", and pioneered the introduction of the ISO international quality management system to the education system in the whole province. According to the talent cultivation model of "university-enterprise cooperation and work-integrated learning", the college has emphasized the joint between the college and the local industry, disciplines and enterprises, and teachers and professional positions; has supplied the enterprises and institutions with abundant highly technicaltalents through such approaches as the "order-based training", "stratified teaching", "three levels of competitions" and " requirement of double certificates"; has constructed a creditable faculty with profound theoretical knowledge and remarkable practical abilitythrough the projects of the "degree upgrading", "double qualification certificates", "teacher technical post promotion"; has guaranteed the steady rise of the talent training quality through an unique teaching quality monitoring system of "students' evaluation of teaching", "teachers' evaluation of learning", and "the third party assessment". Special focus on graduate employment has led to the establishment of career counselling office, which offers suggestions and support through employment classes and lectures, and feasible measures like “order-based training”, resulting in a graduate employment rate of 98% or above.  

In recent years, the college has been awarded over one hundred honorary titles such as the National Advanced Vocational Education Collective, National Model Home of Staff, National Advanced Unit of Business Training, Demonstrative College of Henan Province, Pacesetter of Civilized Units of Henan Province, Top 10 Most Influential Vocational Colleges of Henan Province and Certificates like the Provincial May 1 Labor Certificate. The college has been approved as the National Quality Higher Vocational College Construction Unit, National Language Standardization Demonstrative College, one of the First Demonstrative Higher Vocational Colleges of Henan Province, one of Henan's First Brand Image Demonstrative Colleges, Demonstrative Unit of Digital Campus of Henan Province, Demonstrative Software Vocational and Technical College of Henan Province and Demonstrative College of Student Entrepreneurship Education of Henan Province. Wang wenyuan, vice chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee, and leaders of the Provincial People's Congress, the Provincial Committee of CPPCC, and the Provincial Education Department have visited the college several times, highly appraising the college's educational philosophy and standardized management. News media who have reported the events of the college are many including Xinhua Inside, China Education Newspaper, Guangming Daily, Henan Daily, Henan Television, Zhengzhou Daily, Zhengzhou Television, Zhengzhou Education Television, Henan Business Daily, Dahe Daily, and Henan Education.

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